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Under our new Group mission,
we are taking on the challenge to pioneer new businesses and expand our business areas.

Ten years have passed since the SKY Perfect JSAT Group was born in 2008. The competitive environment facing our businesses has changed greatly in recent years with the maturation of the pay-broadcast market, continuous startup of video distribution services over the Internet, and the start of new businesses using small low orbit satellites in addition to technological innovation in geostationary satellites.
As the evolution of the digital society further accelerates and the business fields in a variety of spaces continue to expand, we have established "Space for your Smile" as the new Group mission to redefine what we should do to win during the next 10 years. We have also established a business vision to set the direction for expanding our business areas, create a better tomorrow for each person, and continue the challenge to expand our future-oriented businesses.

For the Media Business, 4K broadcasts over 9 channels using the east longitude 110 degrees BS/CS "New 4K8K Satellite Broadcast" was started on December 1, 2018, to provide the more advanced broadcasting services that have been promoted by both the public and private sectors. We will strive to expand our subscriber base by improving the appeal of SKY PerfecTV! products riding the wave that is spreading ownership of large-screen ultra high-definition TVs and through distribution via Fiber to the Home (FTTH). Sales of our new flagship product, SKY PerfecTV! Basic Plan, were also begun on October 10 of this year. The number of subscribers is growing steadily due to such advantages of being able to view for up to 3 TV sets without additional charge.
Regarding the Space Business, as IoT becomes more full-fledged in preparation for the 5G age, we, as the only satellite communications provided in Japan, are maintaining our good reputation for the high quality of our services in part by utilizing the "disaster resistance" and "mobility" characteristics of satellite communication. The number of aircraft equipped with free Internet access provided via our satellite channels on the domestic routes of two major airlines is increasing. To take advantage of the increasing demand for such satellite communications for mobile applications, in September of this year Horizons 3e satellite jointly operated with Intelsat S.A. was successfully launched.

Second quarter results for the period ending March 2019

The Group consolidated results for the second quarter for the period ending March 2019 recorded increased sales and profits. Operating income increased 20.1 billion yen as a result of the 23.1 billion yen increase in the operating income of the Space Business due to the handover of satellites for the Ministry of Defense among other factors despite the 3.0 billion yen decline in operating income for the Media Business due to decreased viewing fee revenues resulting from a decline in the cumulative number of subscribers.

Shareholder return

An interim dividend of 9 yen per share was paid. The company plans to pay an annual dividend of 18 yen per share for the period ending March 2019.

We greatly appreciate the continued support of our shareholders and investors in anticipation of our growth.

December 2018

Shinji Takada
Representative Director / President
Shinji Takada