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Thank you for your continued support of the SKY Perfect JSAT Group.

On April 1, 2019 I assumed the role of President of SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc., and SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation.

As a group we now find ourselves in an environment that is rapidly changing due to the emergence of various platforms arising through innovation in digital technology. The needs of customers are also diversifying and gaining in sophistication at an unprecedented speed. My intention is to evolve the business model of the Group, and to push forward with initiatives that solve problems for customers and society. To do so, we will first consolidate our foothold in the domestic market for both our Media and Space Businesses to improve the fundamental earning power of the Group. Then we will expand our business, with a focus on Asia.

In the Media Business we need to not only improve our existing pay-broadcast services, but also provide subscribers with the value they actually desire. For this reason, we are actively working together with partners in other industries and fields. As an example, I would like to offer new types of services such as health-related services for subscribers in the middle-aged demographic who make up the bulk of our SKY PerfecTV! subscribers. As the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games approach, more households are expected to make the move to large-screen 4K and 8K TVs. The Group will utilize these not simply as high image quality TV panels, but as tools for providing interactive services that incorporate digital technologies such as 5G, AI, and IoT to add even more enjoyment to people’s lives.

In the Space Business, the Group serves an important role as the social infrastructure that supports security and peace of mind. This includes providing security for society in the face of natural disasters, serving for national security, and providing internet connectivity for aircrafts and sea vessels for which needs are increasing. However, I do not think that the market will expand with our existing satellite communications services alone. We will need to utilize more of the available capacity of our satellite communications infrastructure, providing new value by joining forces with partners in Japan and around the world who have the latest technologies and new ideas. In terms of new business areas, we will also offer new services such as information analysis and real-time satellite imaging which combine communications satellites with drones, storatospheric platform station, and other technological possibilities.

Throughout the Group as a whole, we aim to improve productivity by pushing forward with management efficiency improvements and reforming work styles. We will be doing our very best to help our company grow and transform, in addition to boosting the corporate value of the SKY Perfect JSAT Group, while engaging with all of our stakeholders including our employees, business partners, shareholders, and local communities.

We greatly appreciate your continued support.

April 2019

Eiichi Yonekura
Representative Director / President
Eiichi Yonekura